Legislative Advocacy for Beginners: Your Sixty Second Advocate Pitch

Time for action!

This activity is from Patient Leader Lisa Deck’s course,Legislative Advocacy for Beginners. Haven’t taken it yet? Click here to learn how to craft your Sixty Second Advocate pitch before hitting record!

Record a video of your personal Sixty Second Advocate pitch and post it to the discussion thread below to get feedback from your fellow Patient Leaders.

Need some tips to make your video pop? Check out our Video 101 for Patient Leaders Course.

So take a deep breath, hit record and share it with the community:


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Cool thread Barby Allyn Ingle!

My best was standing in the House of Representatives, at the Arthritis Foundation’s Annual “meet”. I got to stand in Representative Joe Barton’s Office & tell him “my story” to the point he was almost crying over all I and MANY of us had been through. Later I got a personal letter from him, and was thanked for having the courage and stand up for everyone. It was ONE of my 3 Main things I wanted to do in life…“stand in front of the White House” and tell MY & everyone’s stories! And it came true. This was the 2014 Summit. Rhia